Bubble Test ISO 2942

Production needs

In the production of filters, there are many production phases where it is convenient to be able to test the first bubble point to ensure that the quality of the product is perfect.

There can be a pleating of the septum badly done with consequent defibration of the media; an inaccurate gluing on the bottom; a bypass valve incorrectly assembled (for example with the gasket on the contrary or with the spring with insufficient load); also an inaccurate junction of the reeds (both glued and with metallic reed) can cause a leak; and finally a banal error given by the use of a different media. These are all inaccuracies that lead to a pressure drop and are therefore detected by an ISO 2942 Bubble Test.

But there may also be a need for commercial protection, when there is a need to certify to the customer the conformity of the product to the required specifications.

In all these cases, the availability of a completely automatic Bubble Test ISO 2942, contextual to the production process and informatically integrated, is the perfect solution.

Bubble Test

Bubble Test ISO 2942

The test procedure follows the dictates of the ISO 2942 standard; the cartridge is immersed in a test liquid, usually a paraffin-based oil, which has the characteristic of being clear (for a correct determination and localization of the first bubble) and of maintaining stability (necessary condition for the comparability of the results obtained). The pressure is then automatically increased to the specified values.


TECHNOL’s Bubble Test ISO 2942 bench allows both the verification of the manufacturing integrity (through the verification of the absence of bubbles at a determined pressure value) and the localization of the maximum pore of the filtering material (through the determination of the first bubble point).

The bench works producing an electronically regulated pressure (in the order of mbar) through a chain of electropneumatic components able to obtain micrometric pressure adjustments. Pressure sensing is dual. One is based on the principle of the U-shaped H2O column and the other on a digital system, integrated in the PLC logic and managed via software; the latter detection has a self-diagnosis function of correct calibration.

For a more accurate execution, the bench is equipped with a filtering system to keep the oil purified and clear.

Bubble Test Technol is covered by a patent.

100% Made in Italy

At the end of the test, a report is created and stored, which can be exported via USB key; as an option, the machine can be connected to a network for complete integration with the company’s production and quality cycle.

The entire procedure is recorded by a camera both to allow the test to be performed unassisted by personnel and as a possible visual aid to the test result.

Constructive Care

The self-centring spindle avoids the need for impression changes, ensuring fast and accurate positioning of filters of different sizes.

Audible and visual alarms ensure maximum operator safety.