Bypass Valve Assembly Bench


Many agri applications use oil filters with bypass valve because of the advantages that such a filter offers, as it guarantees the flow of engine oil even in filter clogged conditions.

In the production of filters with bypass valve it is important that the assembly of the valve is fast and accurate, but many still use machines for just the insertion of the spring and the seal, operating manually for the rest, with consequent limitations in terms of speed and accuracy.

Valvola Bypass

Bypass Valve Assembly Bench

The search for higher productivity and quality assurance in production has led to the development of a machine that performs the complete assembly of the bypass valve in the filter, i.e. casing, spring, seal and cover.

The video shows the full version of the machine (which also mounts the lid), but a model without that feature is also available.


The Bypass Valve Assembly is made of aluminum treated with thermal spraying that gives the components a wear resistance far superior to simple aluminum.

The management is completely electronic through PLC.

Valve body, sealing disc, cover and spring are inserted automatically by the machine and assembled in the correct position with extreme reliability.

Two versions are available, one for the assembly of the valve only, and the other that also provides for the assembly of the lid.