Flow Fatigue Bench


Some applications require high performance.

In industrial filtration, for example, there are much higher suction pressures than normal, and so filters for such applications must withstand significant stresses.

It is therefore advisable to subject the products to a test that verifies their resistance by testing the collapse point of the reinforcement nets, as foreseen by the ISO 2941 standard.

In order to meet this requirement, TECHNOL has developed the Flow Fatigue Bench, which tests both the first collapse point of the filter reinforcing tube and the integrity of the filter glue seal (paper – mesh – bottom coupling).

Flow Fatigue Bench

The test results in an indication of the pressure at which the filter element collapses and deforms.
The test corresponds to part of the dictates of ISO 2941, testing collapse (pressure action from the outside in) but not bursting (resistance to pressure action from the inside out).
The bench uses water whilst ISO 2941 requires the use of contaminated fluid.


The test machine consists of a sealed chamber, suitable for housing the filter element under test adequately prepared.

The sealed chamber is equipped with an openable bottom for sample insertion, and manual valves for filling with water and subsequent air purging.

A pressure gauge provides a reading of the pressure inside the chamber.

After the initial full filling at low pressure, the water is pumped inside, with increasing pressure, by means of an electric pump connected to the sealed chamber.

The Teflon-coated high-pressure tank allows a pressure of 60 bar to be reached.