Pneumatic Longitudinal Cutter

The Advantage of an Innovative Solution

The traditional process of joining the filtering septum by means of a metal plate increases its height and, therefore, it must be taken into account in the realization of the septum; this will necessarily have to be lower than what can theoretically be contained by the bottom in order to take into account the increase deriving from the application of the reed:

Total Height = Septum + Metal Plate Edge

The filter cannot use all of the space in the bottom for potentially insertable filter area.

To overcome this limitation and use all the space of the bottom, we have realized the Pneumatic Longitudinal Cutter that provides not to make a simple cut of the fold but to remove the crease of the fold, gaining the space necessary to compensate for the insertion of the plate.

A concrete application: LPG Filter Production

The photos show a case dealt with – an LPG filter – which involved a filter septum with no tolerances, fold height 10 mm +/- 0 with a 10 mm internal throat immersion pad.

With traditional cutting, we would have taken the fold to a height of 9.5 mm (and this was not acceptable to the customer), while by processing with the Longitudinal Cutter we were able to maintain the height – and therefore the total filtering surface – required by the project and desired by the customer.


The Longitudinal Cutter is space-saving, robust and easy to use. It can be made on a fixed or self-propelled bench or located in line after the exit of the pleated septum.
It can cut multiple layers of material at the same time, including microstirred mesh, epoxy cloth, stainless steel, paper/net, fiber/net, polyester.