PVC Dosage Work Bench

Filter bonding

The application of adhesive materials in the production of filters is not a critical operation, but it still requires care and accuracy.

Therefore, we have paid the utmost attention to the design and construction of the PVC Dosing Machine, being aware that all operations of the filter manufacturing process contribute to the overall quality of the final product.

Dosatrice PVC

Quality Masterpiece

To achieve high levels of precision, reliability, and versatility we use only top-quality components.

Dispensing, for example, is done via high flow Aro pneumatic pumps and the GRACO choke lung guarantees maximum accuracy and quantity consistency in product dispensing.

The bench is suitable for dispensing not only PVC material but also other liquid and semi-liquid sand-based materials, and is designed to adapt to other materials: contact us for specific requirements.

Simple and Versatile

The two independent stations give the possibility to dispense different colours and quantities.

The pneumatic controls and on-board PLC are very easy to set up.